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Do you know that every BODY is a musician?

Do you realize you don't even need an instrument to make music?

By the end of her nationally renowned Scat for Cats workshop, vocalist Jenna Mammina has students convinced they are indeed musicians, and their voices and bodies are the only instruments they need. With a warm and engaging personality, Jenna, a former teacher, uses call and response techniques to help get kids familiar with their own unique voices. Whether imitating a horn or a snare drum, snapping their fingers, or stomping their feet, kids joyfully learn to use their whole bodies to make music.

Scat is the art of creating instrumental improvisation vocally. It doesn't rely on identifiable words, but rather, nonsense syllables to imitate the tone and style of jazzinstruments. In Scat for Cats, Jenna and an instrumentalist lead children and teens through improvised singing, showing there is nothing intimidating about it. This leads to small-group vocalization and an introduction to acappela singing, ala Bobby McFerrin.


A hands on clinic for jazz vocalists and instrumentalists wishing to expand and refine their skill at performing in the duo context. Topics covered will include walking bass lines, improvising alone, transposing keys, chord voicing, etc. and repertoire, finding your keys, setting tempos and feels, improvising, etc. We will work individually, in groups, and pair off in duets to expand our practical knowledge of the art of the duo.


As the founder of Mamma Grace Records, Jenna knows what an independent artist needs.  Whether you are a student or a professional musician who wants to create a CD and get it   promoted Big Time, Jenna has tips for your survival. She not only knows how to market online and to the streets, but she can also give you the skinny on yoga, breathing and healthy eating – on the road, in a plane and on stage.

Jenna will inspire you to be your best.

Jenna with pianist Matt Rollings

By session's end, the group may have even written a song together! And if there are any rap singers in the group, Jenna, introduces them to the concept that rap and scat are very close cousins in the world of music. It's not uncommon for Jenna to be rapping along side of a confirmed rapper who is proudly performing his or her new love of scatting.

Scat for Cats workshops work best for children from 3-103! In the classroom from K-12, spa's, nursing homes, any and all adult community centers...Where there are bodies-there is music! Groups of 40 or less are preferred, thereby allowing everyone to sing. The class lasts approximately 45 minutes and Jenna can comfortably work 4 sessions per day. This program is wonderful for everyone as music is that amazing gift that transcends all social, economic, and ethnic barriers and speaks to the soul!


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Jenna and Piano or Guitar accompaniment.